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Augwind continues its activity in marketing AirSmart systems in Europe; Augwind received an order to supply the AirSmart system for one of the plants of the international corporation, Sibelco, which has more than 120 plants worldwide
Augwind signs a strategic agreement with Voith Hydro; Augwind and Voith Hydro to collaborate on the development of designated equipment, including pumps, turbines and power systems, for integration into the AirBattery solution. Voith Group operates in over 60 countries worldwide, has a sales turnover of around €4.3 billion, and is considered one of the world's leading and most experienced companies in the field of hydropower plant and pumped storage equipment
Mr. Gabi Seligsohn, Chairman of the Board, has announced his retirement from the Company. The Company's Board has appointed Mr. Moshe Kaplinsky as stand-in Chairman until a new Chairman is found
Augwind to sell Tempo an AirSmart energy efficiency system; Augwind's system will be connected to Tempo's condensed air systems, used to manufacture bottled beverages in the company's plant in Netanya, and will lead to reduced energy consumption, stabilization and improvement of the manufacturing processes at the plant, and reduced loss rates in the manufacturing process
Augwind to provide the IEC with a 40 MW/h energy storage system; The IEC has entered into an agreement with Augwind for the construction of a 40 MW/h AirBattery storage system. The storage system will be installed in an IEC sub-station, and Augwind will also provide operating and maintenance services for 20 years. It was further agreed that the parties will explore additional AirBattery project
Further to the appointment of Mr. Alon Raveh as CEO of the company, Augwind is pleased to announce the onboarding of Mr. Kobi Vinokur as CFO
Augwind announces the appointment of Alon Raveh as CEO of the company Mr. Raveh has significant experience as CEO of public companies with global operations, and has held several senior positions in the Shikun & Binui Group, including: • CEO of Shikun & Binui Energy, CEO of Shikun & Binui Franchise (infrastructure enterprise in Israel and overseas), and Chairman of Shikun & Binui America. Mr. Raveh previously held office as CFO of Bezeq Group, CFO of Zim and VP Business Development of Israel Corp.
Augwind reports completion of the installation and successful operation of an AirBattery system at Kibbutz Yahel The system was operated in a full charge and discharge cycle through to electricity generation
Augwind received another order from ISCAR for the installation of the AirSmart system for energy efficiency purposes
Augwind announces that in preparation for a global strategic collaboration, a leading consulting firm has carried out a comprehensive techno-economic analysis of Augwind’s AirBattery. The German firm Fichtner has validated Augwind’s data on the AirBattery’s theoretical efficiency (75%-81%)