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The Shareholders' Meeting of Augwind Energy, held on April 1, 2021, approved the appointment of Mr. Gabi Seligsohn Augwind announces the appointment of Gabi Seligsohn as Executive Chairman of the Company's Board of Directors The appointment of Seligsohn is a significant keystone in Augwind's plan to realize its vision of being a global market-leading energy storage company
Augwing releases its financial statements for 2020; The segment of energy storage for the electricity market (AirBattery), presents existing orders for 166 MWh in various storage applications with leading developers in Israel. The energy efficiency segment (AirSmart) presents revenues of some NIS 10 million in 2020, up some 42% from 2019. The company has approx. NIS 671 million on hand for implementation of its global growth plan
Augwind Announces the Appointment of Gabi Seligsohn as Executive Chairman of the Company’s Board. The appointment of Seligsohn is a major keystone in Augwind’s plan to realize its vision of being a market-leading energy storage company
Augwind announces it will begin working on an IPO in the United States. The Company believes that the success of this move will make a significant contribution to the realization of its vision, which is to become a world leader in energy efficiency and energy storage for the electricity market
Augwind reports the withdrawal of the patent objection filed by SWAP
Augwind and Solegreen will cooperate in the construction of photovoltaic systems with integrated electricity storage in Solegreen's facilities, at a scope no less than 120 MW/hour, using the Company's AirBattery storage system
EDF, one of the world's largest electricity companies, expresses faith in Augwind's AirBattery storage technology Augwind and EDF Renewables Israel have signed an MOU for the construction of a photo-voltaic power generation project, which will include Augwind's AirBattery storage system
Augwind announces the AirBattery efficiency assessment; Augwind's AirBattery storage system brings innovative news to the storage market
Augwind takes a significant step forward in the construction of two commercial energy storage projects using the Company's AirBattery storage system. The Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Energy recommends approving two commercial projects for Augwind, combining solar power with the Company's electricity storage system (PV+Storage), as a pioneer facility, including connection to the electricity grid with a capacity of up to 10 MW
Augwind and Solegreen sign a strategic agreement for the construction of power generation projects based on photovoltaic systems using Augwind's AirBaterry energy storage system
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